Our Mission

Strategic RIA Launch Services

Black Operation​ (Noun):
A covert operation typically involving activities that are highly clandestine and outside of standard protocol.​
Synonym: Fusion Black Ops​

Fusion Black Ops is an off the grid, confidential, RIA launch services program designed to support breakaway advisor teams on their transition to independence. Originally built for $1B+ AUM teams, Fusion Black Ops provides advisors of all size the comfort and confidence they need by providing a comprehensive operation plan for getting a team from point A to RIA.​ Fusion Black Ops is a turn-key program for fee-only or hybrid teams that delivers an all-inclusive suite of services including: custom-built fintech stack, custodian/BD coordination, compliance, legal, website design, office technology and cybersecurity, launch project management and technology expert services.​

Fusion Black Ops is the elite strategic and tactical unit to extract advisors and deliver them to independence. Our team of experts are specialists in educating, organizing, and project management of your group’s transition. It is imperative that advisors considering a change cease communication with the marketplace and “go dark” so the team launches on its terms. You employ our skills to act as your tactical extraction team supporting you each step of the way. True to a military grade covert operation, you should expect the same in navigating your next move. Our closed-circuit solution empowers advisors through confidentiality, control, comfort and command of navigating change. The team assembled under Fusion Black Ops has helped over 1000 advisors change firms or successfully launch independent firms.

We have built the industry’s biggest brands – now it is your turn to leverage our skills.

Why does my team need Fusion Black Ops?

  • We have led teams to independence for decades. Too many times we have witnessed advisors who had to unceremoniously accelerate their transition due to being found out, an errant email to the wrong inbox, or from working with people who do not understand the nuances of this covert process.​
  • Fusion Black Ops is designed through knowledge gained from centuries of our collective experience in the independence space, utilizing secure communications programs, and rounds out the support via a tight array of  RIA partnership solutions to give you every edge in a smooth transition.​
  • Fusion Black Ops allows advisors to spend more time strengthening client relationships to prepare for transition while leaving blueprint design and transition management to us.

Why Should I Care?​

  • Protecting and preserving confidentiality is crucial to the success of your transition and NewCo firm.​
  • Because of our experience, you can rest easy knowing we are managing every step of your project.​
  • We have built the industry’s biggest brands – now it is your team to leverage our skills for you.​
  • Our services are modular and can be flexible to adapt to wherever you are in the “road to independence” process.

Our Services


  • Engage to help make custodial decision​
  • Post custody choice project management

Existing RIA

  • Create covert plan to attract breakaways
  • Leverage services to help onboard advisor team​

National Platform

  • Work in lieu of, or alongside, transition team
  • Implement covert best practices

Menu of Services​

  • Complete project assessment, recommendations, and plan management​
  • RIA set-up design and implementation​
  • Custodian negotiation and selection​
  • Broker-dealer negotiation and selection​
  • Office technology procurement, set-up, and 24/7on-going support (phones, high-speed connectivity, computers, programs, mobility roadmap)​
  • Cyber security​
  • Regulatory consulting and compliance ​
  • Legal support and representation​
  • Dark box firewall for agreements​
  • FinTech consultation, selection, and on-going management​
  • Financing solutions​
  • Insurance and estate planning solutions​
  • Marketing agency representation​
  • Health and benefits programs​
  • Growth services​
  • Community

Steps In The Engagement​

  1. Advisor formally engages Fusion services​
  2. Fusion discovery day program initiates​
  3. Fusion ScorecardTM​
  4. Marketplace due diligence​
  5. Contract negotiations​
  6. Vendor and merchant services selected​
  7. Transition planning​
  8. Launch​