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Fusion Black Ops™

Covert Operation

Originally built for $1B AUM teams, Black Ops is an off the grid, confidential, RIA launch services program designed to support breakaway advisor teams of any size on their transition to independence. From compliance to technology, organizational architecture to project management. Fusion Black Ops offers everything your newCo RIA needs from complex to simple.

Strategic Plan

Expert advice and bespoke solutions. Fusion Black Ops is the specialized strategic planning and tactical service to help wirehouse, IBD, or other W2 advisors move to independence. Our team of experts are specialists in educating, organizing, and project management of your group’s extraction out of a less desirable environment and taken to an area under friendly control. ​

Turn-key Program

One call activates our turn-key program, designed for fee-only or hybrid teams, delivering a complete collection of RIA-focused consultative services including: custom-built fintech stack, custodian/BD coordination, compliance, legal, asset mapping, website design, office technology and cybersecurity, launch project management, CTO expert advice and full-service project management.


  • Engagement Process
  • Intelligence & Expertise
  • Tactical Support
  • Post-Launch Optimization

Steps In The Engagement​

  1. Advisor formally engages Fusion services​
  2. Fusion discovery day program initiates​
  3. Fusion Scorecard™ assessment
  4. Marketplace due diligence​
  5. Contract negotiations​
  6. Vendor and merchant services selected​
  7. Transition planning​ commences
  8. Launch day coordination
  • Protecting and preserving confidentiality is crucial to the success of your transition and newCo firm
  • By leveraging our experience, you avoid costly mistakes and can rest easy knowing we are managing every step of your project
  • We have built the industry’s biggest brands – now it is your turn to harness our skills for you
  • Our services are modular and can be flexible to adapt to wherever you are in the “road to independence” process
  • Complete project assessment, recommendations, plan management, and road map to launch
  • Custodian negotiation and selection
  • Broker-dealer negotiation and selection
  • Office technology procurement, set-up, and 24/7on-going support (phones, high-speed connectivity, computers, programs, mobility roadmap)
  • Website design and build-out
  • Cyber security
  • Regulatory consulting and compliance
  • Legal counseling and representation
  • Identity protection for business formulation and registration, transferred back to you at launch
  • FinTech consultation, selection, and on-going management
  • Financing & capital solutions
  • Insurance and estate planning solutions
  • Marketing agency representation
  • Health and benefits programs
  • Growth services
  • Access to a network of similarly-minded, independent advisors
  • RIA-specific investment solutions
  • Performance reporting and management

Through the engagement of a full suite of Fusion services, your business is built with certain optimizations and synergies that most companies take decades to develop. Further, Fusion and its strategic partners offer solutions to maintain your RIA after launch. These ongoing services range from:

  • Growth services
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • Brand maintenance
  • Business growth consulting
  • Capital solutions
  • Continued enterprise value development
  • Technology advancements
  • Strategic process improvements
  • Estate planning and income protection
  • Broker-dealer solutions
  • “Human dynamic” consulting
  • Ongoing compliance solutions
  • Outside General Counsel solutions
  • Access to a network of similarly-minded, independent advisors